• Brow Therapy

    Achieve flawless brows with our expertly performed eyebrow services. Enhance your facial features and frame your eyes.

  • Skincare Therapy

    Transform your skin with our personalized skincare services, tailored to address your unique needs and enhance your natural beauty.

  • Lash Therapy

    Whether you're looking for a natural flutter or a dramatic lash look, our professional eyelash services have got you covered.

Your first choice everyday should always be YOU!

- Kandi Green, CEO.

Unlock the Secrets of Brow Shape & Tint with Kandi Green.

• Kandi Green is offering a free brow wax and tint course, which covers:
- Proper sanitation
- Tools needed
- Identifying ideal brow shapes
- Tint Color selection for brows

- Shaping the brows
- Tinting the brows

- Proper eyebrow hair removal
- Ombre technique
- Finishing touches